What do Vegans Eat for Breakfast? Easy and Delicious Ideas

What do Vegans Eat for Breakfast, easy and delicious Ideas vegan breakfast

What do vegans eat for breakfast?

If you are vegan it does not mean that your breakfast is restricted to oatmeal, smoothies or energy bars. The truth is that you are not limited to chia pudding, granola or any other common vegan food. Most folks consider going by looking at what they are to eat for breakfast, and it is a good place to start a vegan diet. Our breakfast should be healthy and should taste good, if we eat something in the morning that we do not like we may be uninspired throughout the day. After all, the breakfast that we eat should be full of nutrients and meet our tastes and preferences.

Some of the best vegan breakfast

Vegan Pancake

This is one of the best options for breakfast for a vegan as they are fluffy and can also be made gluten-free. To make this recipe you will first have to use flour, you can either use plain old flour or replace it with a vegan flour blend such as corn, spelling or rice. You can replace the baking powder with baking soda as it is one of the main ingredients in your pancake.

Another important ingredient in your pancake is salt, it is best if you use a combination of salts. Some of the common choices of salt comprise coconut, table salt, unrefined sea salt and black salt. To make your pancake taste better you can add nuts and seeds. You can add various seeds and nuts like flaxseed, hemp seed or soy nuts. Some people also like to add peanut butter, but it is good if you try avoiding it as it tends to be very oily. If you want to use oil in your pancake make sure that the oil you use is vegan and not from animal fat. Finally, when you have made the pancake it is best if you use some fresh fruits such as bananas or also strawberries.

Vegan Oatmeal

Oats are considered to be one of the healthiest grains in the world and it is also a great vegan breakfast. It is gluten-free and a magnificent source of minerals, important vitamins, fibre and oxidants. There are many health benefits of oatmeal which include weight loss, low blood sugar levels and a reduced risk of heart disease.

Before you prepare oatmeal for breakfast you should know that there are three varieties of oats - steel-cut, rolled and instant. Steel-cut oats are the one that gets processed the least, so they take the longest time to cook, and the instant oats get processed the most and are ready almost instantly. I prefer to use gluten-free rolled oats as they take around five minutes to cook and in contrast to instant oats they retain much of their texture and shape. It is better if you cook your oatmeal with dairy-free milk as opposed to just water as it tastes better. It is still better if you mix the two together, the type of plant milk that you use can make a great difference in the taste of the oatmeal.

Plant milk comes in many varieties, for example, almond milk, cashew milk and oat milk. The quantity of the liquid depends on the desired consistency. To enhance the best you can add sweeteners or use toppings. Sweeteners like golden syrup, agave nectar, stevia, mashed bananas can be used. It is better if you do not use sweeteners as too much sugar is not good for your health.

Vegan Breakfast Smoothie

You can prepare this breakfast in no time and making it is very easy and it tastes delicious. To prepare this you can either use almond milk or orange juice. You can use any fruit for making the smoothie. I prefer a frozen mix as the fruits are already sliced and are already chilled. By using banana and coconut oil your smoothie will get cream stability, the more coconut you use, the creamier the smoothie will be.

Coconut oil is a healthy fat that helps your brain and vital organs, it also helps in boosting your energy and keeps you satisfied for a long period of time. Make sure that the coconut oil you use is raw and virgin, the refined and processed oil do not have some of its health benefits. You can also include powdered ginger as it has immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties. Fresh ginger root can also be used instead of powdered ginger but the powdered ginger has a more subtle taste. Finally, you can use chia seeds, these seeds can be used in most smoothies.

Tofu Omelette

This is a great vegan breakfast and at the same time also an alternative to eggs. To cook this recipe you need to first prepare the tofu. Tofu which is also called bean curd is made by soaking soybeans and then extracting the milk from it. The milk obtained should be curdled, pressed into firm blocks and then cooled. In the end, you will get a white, unsteady block of tofu. The consistency of the tofu depends on its water content, the more the water the softer it gets, the less water the firmer it gets. After you prepare the tofu you need to scramble it. Scramble the tofu with the back of a fork and then fry it on a pan. To make it taste better you will have to add onion, turmeric and garlic. This meal is good for your health as 140g (approx) tofu scramble contains 140 kcal, 7.6g of fat, 16g protein and 1g of salt.

Vegan Granola Bars

You can make this super quick and easy and they also taste delicious. And if you make them sugar-free you can easily lose weight. But you should consume a healthy homemade recipe if you want it to help you in reducing your weight. To make the base of this bar you will need to use dates. Then you will have to add oats, almonds, peanut butter and maple syrup and mix them all together. The preparation of this product involves only these five ingredients and there is no baking involved and you can keep them in the freezer. Once this is kept in the freezer for some time it is ready to eat.

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